3PL Billing Management

3PL Billing Management

Microlistics provides advanced Billing capabilities embedded into the WMS to provide accurate storage and Activity Based Costs for our 3PL partners, including non standard warehouse processes like advanced kitting and light manufacturing.

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The Microlistics fully Integrated 3PL Billing module which provides true visibility of the workflow as well as quantifying each activity and producing costings for warehouse activities, storage and Value added services performed by cost centre or Individual operating division.

Activity Based Costing is a function that collects data and summarises the information based on products, product groups, users and time spent completing tasks in Microlistics. These movements include receiving of stock, putaway, picking and adjustments. As well as these conventional processes,

Fixed storage costs and miscellaneous manual tasks and value added services such as shrinkwrap, stuffing and un-stuffing containers and other value added tasks which are not normally found in a WMS can also be captured and costed. With a detailed audit trail, all warehouse activities for all business units/clients can not only be captured and reported on, but a time/dollar cost can be attributed to each.

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