Integrating WMS to ERP made easy.

For over 20 years, Microlistics has been helping companies optimize their distribution operations by providing solutions that maximize visibility, productivity, accuracy, throughput, and performance management in the distribution center and across the supply chain.

Microlistics market leading Warehouse Management System ( WMS) and Delivery Management Solutions ( DMS), including modules for a Web Portal, Activity Based Costing & Billing, Gateway Integration, Management Console, KPI Labor Management, Pick to Light, Voice Picking, Conveyor and Sortation Systems Control, Pallet Management, Transportation Management and Cold Store Features.

Microlistics recent client successes include prestigious businesses like Victor TechnologiesSpotlightScalzo Foods & Mitre 10.

Many of these businesses have Tier 1 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions which come with Inventory and (claimed) Warehouse Management System Modules, however they have chosen to invest in WMS and maintain long term relationships with Microlistics and WMS.

The reason for this is common across these businesses and centers on senior management recognising the superior capability the WMS has and offers businesses in saving leakage/generating revenue and providing over all detailed control of operations that impact direct & indirect costs.

The effective management of your warehouse and fulfillment/distribution operations is critical to the ongoing success and growth of the business.

For Microlistics, and all of the businesses that have made the decision to select WMS instead of using their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system’s warehousing module, the decision is simple. Unfortunately for companies undertaking this decision in today’s tight economy there is significant pressure to use the warehouse module from the ERP vendor. Usually its price is heavily discounted as part of the original ERP license or the cost of the WMS license is integrated into the ERP licensing cost and the vendor leaves a window open for Implementation costs which will explode post sign off. Also ERP vendors tend to over exaggerate the costs of integrating ERP to any Best of Breed WMS to try and raise fear and confusion.

The fact is integrating WMS to any ERP is a simple cost effective process which is a “fixed price” component of the WMS solution. Even for the most complicated ERP solutions like SAP, JDEdwards, Microsoft Dynamics and RETEK just to provide examples.

The total cost of ownership for any system procurement is determined by all costs associated with initial licensing, implementation, business staff allocated to the project, contractors, hardware, system requested changes, integration and Support. WMS guarantees Return on Investment with a fixed price quotation on some or all of these costs areas. Microlistics welcome the opportunity to be compared with and evaluated against any ERP WMS solution and/or other Best of Breed WMS on the market.

Microlistics believes that in this highly competitive economy, the ability to respond to changing business and customer requirements and be able to offer value added services is a key consideration. You need to have confidence in meeting these requirements more effectively and faster than your competitors to place your business ahead of the curve.

For more information about Microlistics, please contact:

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