Microlistics goes live with Melbourne Cold Storage WMS

Melbourne Cold Storage goes live with Microlistics Chilled WMS.

Carton receival and sorting at Melbourne Cold Storage WMS

Carton receival and sorting at Melbourne Cold Storage WMS

Established in 1908 to serve the fast-growing city of Melbourne, Ralph’s Meat Company has evolved into one of Australia’s leading meat suppliers operating various processing and retail outlets throughout Victoria. For over a century, successive generations of the Ralph family have provided the world with healthy Australian meat. Importantly, the business has remained 100% family-owned and operated.

Recently Ralph’s made the decision to build their own cold storage facility in Broadmeadows, Victoria to negate rising logistics costs of their export operation as well as start the new 3PL business Melbourne Cold Storage. Recognising the need for a vendor with Cold Storage WMS specific functionality Ralph’s chose Microlistics Chilled WMS.

Microlistics world leading cold storage WMS functionality will help MCS receive and sort stock direct from the Seymour abbatoirs and control processes such as palletisation, directed putaway, blast freezing all while maintaining stock integrity regarding date codes and batch/lot numbers.

On the outbound side, Microlistics WMS will direct the operator to pick the oldest stock using First Expiry First Out (FEFO) functionality as well as maintaining batch/lot integrity and documentation for export container loads. Small picks for butchers will be rolled up into a one stage wave pick using multi-order scanpacking which was specially configured to include catchweight scanning for Melbourne Cold Storage.


Microlistics was chosen as the Cold Storage WMS vendor for capabilities including:

  • Container Export loading and documentation
  • Multi-Client functionality
  • Integrated 3PL billing
  • Date control (useby date, packing date, shelf life)
  • Batch & Lot control
  • Blast Freezing & Chilled to Frozen
  • Fully Audited operational history
  • Catchweight & Random Weight functionality
  • Multi-Order Scanpacked orders for van deliveries
  • Cold Storage WMS specific functionality


For more information about Microlistics WMS please visit www.microlistics.com.au or call 1300 WAREHOUSE (Australia)

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