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Enabling you to manage your entire operation at optimum efficiency and provide value-added services to clients.

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IARW Reporting and built-in compliance functionality.

We’ve done the hard work building rules in to ensure your staff adheres to the regulations.

Microlistics first ever client in 1994 was worldwide commodity (and meat) trader Louis Dreyfus. Since day one we’ve built compliance rules into the system for the basics like temperature control, batch, lot, use-by and shelf life as well as catchweight, variable weight and blast freezing.

Visibility of the entire operation.

A Warehouse Management System specifically designed to support the needs of Cold Storage and Third Party Logistics providers (3PL) meaning you are always in control.

As supply chain visibility becomes increasingly important for marketplace success, Microlistics Chilled WMS will enable you to view important details about your client’s warehousing status, check stock levels for particular items, view movements throughout the day and assess productivity levels.

Tailored Multi-Client software.

Recognising the need for 3PL Cold Storage providers to manage their operation with flexibility, Microlistics Chilled WMS can be configured specific to client requirements.

This translates to better space utilisation and operational efficiencies.
Microlistics Chilled 3PL has also been designed to handle discrete operating requirements for specific business needs. This not only allows clients to have different operating environments, but allows your business to provide personal service to each client.

3PL Client Billing.

Microlistics Chilled allows you to get a precise breakdown of warehousing costs, by client, to better manage your billing.

Competition amongst third party logistics providers is becoming more and more intense. Whilst the need to attract new clients is always a priority, access to detailed information regarding current operating costs is equally important for both operator and client
This information can be accessed at any time, for any client and covers all tasks controlled by the WMS such as receiving, putaway, picking, packing and loading.

Activity Based Costing & Value Added Services

Extending beyond individual client billing is information regarding the specific cost of all activities within the warehouse.

By analysing this data (such as container stuffing and de-stuffing, fixed storage costs for chiller/freezer/blast, repacks, shrink-wrapping, promotional work etc.) in conjunction with the data collected by the WMS, operators can identify distinct cost drivers and facilitate the following:

  • Identification of actual profit and loss costs at the lowest level of activity.
  • Benchmark performance across multiple sites.
  • Accurate pricing for client operating requirements.

Advanced Functionality

    System Features

    Temperature Control

    Shelf Life Management

    Quarantine Functionality

    Activity Based Costing

    Individual Client Billing

    Radio Frequency Operations

    Barcode Tracking, Scanning and Verification

    User Definable Rules for Customers, Sites, Products

    Stock Rotation Principles:



    Expiry Date



    Flexible Management Reporting Options

    Comprehensive Audit Trail for all operations

    Online Help System


    Catchweight Receiving

    Variable Weight Receiving

    Blast Freezer Receiving

    Planned and Unplanned Receipts

    Automation for Returns, Damages, Recalls


    Temperature Control

    Preferred Zone Hierarchy

    System Directed Putaway

    System Managed Replenishment

    Picking Functionality for

    Discreet Order

    Batch Order

    Electronic Direct Interface (EDI)



    Catchweight Picking

    Advanced Crossdocking

    Order Consolidation & Customer Pallet Configuration


    Load Management

    RF Load Out

    Our Clients;Friends

    We consider relationships to be the most important part of business. Microlistics is proud to call these Enterprise WMS users both clients and friends.

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