Microlistics WMS for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Advanced Warehouse Management Software to optimise pharmaceutical warehouse environments

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most regulated industries with high enforced global quality standards.

Both product and data integrity of goods flowing through the supply chain are of paramount importance. The Microlistics Warehouse Management System suite of products have been developed to cater for the rigors and challenges of the pharmaceutical industry and currently support some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical products.

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The experienced staff at Microlistics understand the processes involved in defining the scope and implementing and maintaining full compliance with food and drug administration and good manufacturing practice guidelines for the supply chain.

Microlistics WMS establishes visibility and validation across all operations at all times within this environment and Microlistics as a company invests heavily in educating our staff and keeping in step with new federal and state standards relating to tracking and tracing of shipment pedigrees through the supply chain, affecting documentation and electronic records.

Some of the unique features of our Microlistics Warehouse Management System solutions are:

  • Both RF scan and RFID recognition of all products and all pack factors coming in, moving through, and dispatching from the warehouse
  • Strict batch / lot control
  • Shelf life / expiration date tracking and alerts
  • Supports FEFO, FIFO and LIFO fulfilment strategies
  • Product Recall Management
  • Product Returns and Claims process
  • Quality Control and Raw Materials Sampling
  • Integration points to all manufacturing, quality management and ERP solutions

On top of these features, business processes associated with the varying pharmaceutical channels stemming from trade products, consumer products, samples, education, literature and scheduled narcotics also facilitate the underlying goal of maintaining warehouse operational efficiency.

System Flexibility means Zero-Modifications.

Open rules-based architecture that can be tailored to the most complex warehouse environments.

Over 20 years of supply chain expertise combined with leading edge software development means Microlistics WMS can be configured to match and improve most operations without any modifications or software development required.

Integrate seamlessly with your Business System.

Our standard interface module enables seamless integration with your business system (ERP).

Microlistics Enterprise ensures you benefit from the advanced functionality of a best-of-breed Warehouse Management System (WMS) while maintaining smooth communication with your host system.

Integrate with Materials Handling Equipment.

Enterprise WMS ensures your investment in technology is supported.

With clients throughout the world using many varied automated picking systems including pick-to-light systems, automated high rise cranes, multi-pick trolleys and warehouse robotic devices, you are assured that Enterprise WMS will be able to communicate with and control your equipment.

We are Supply Chain Experts.

Our Consultants conduct a needs analysis of your operation to determine requirements and improvements.

Our experienced supply chain technology consultants will undergo a thorough analysis of your warehousing operation and broader supply chain goals to establish the most appropriate configuration of your Microlistics Enterprise Warehouse Management System.

Catering to any sized operation.

As your business grows new users can be added to your operation without compromising speed or accuracy.
Microlistics Enterprise WMS can operate with an unlimited number of concurrent users. Whether your warehouse has 2 or 200 users, using RF technology Enterprise WMS performs with maximum productivity and efficiency.

Advanced Functionality

    System Features

    Radio Frequency Operations

    Barcode Tracking, Scanning and Verification

    User Definable Rules for Customers, Sites, Products

    Stock Rotation Principles:



    Expiry Date



    Flexible Management Reporting Options

    Comprehensive Audit Trail for all operations

    Online Help System


    Dock Scheduling

    Advanced Shipment Notification (ASN)

    Planned and Unplanned Receipts

    Automation for Returns, Damages, Recalls


    Slotting Optimisation

    Preferred Zone Hierarchy

    System Directed Putaway

    System Managed Replenishment

    Picking Functionality for




    Electronic Direct Interface (EDI)




    Advanced Crossdocking

    Route and Drop Order Waving

    Order Consolidation & Customer Pallet Configuration


    Load Optimisation

    RF Load Out

    Drop Order Sequencing

    Yard Management

    Business Intelligence & Analytics

    Inventory Reporting

    Labour Management

    Work Estimator Tool

    Engineered Standards

    Our Clients;Friends

    We consider relationships to be the most important part of business.
    Microlistics is proud to call these Enterprise WMS users in the Hazardous Goods sector both clients and friends.

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